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Magic Bullet Printhead Cleaner

Magic Bullet Printhead Cleaner

Magic Bullet Printhead Cleaner In stock.
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A blocked printer causes many people to throw away perfectly good printers wasting hundreds of pounds on buying a new printer. However if you have a printer clogged with Ink don’t panic! Just use Magic Bullet print head Cleaner to restore your printer to “as new”!

As used by Printer technicians!

Up until now Magic Bullet print head cleaner has only been available for professional printer technicians. However you can now use Magic Bullet to restore and maintain your printer. This unique formula unlike other printer cleaners does not work on the outside of the blockage, but instead breaks down dried ink pigments from within.

Amazing Results!

Magic Bullet will unblock even the most clogged print head. We have seen some amazing results with Magic Bullet restoring even the most clogged printer. Watch our Video for full step by step instructions.

Step 1

Carefully remove the printer cartridges to reveal the intake for the print head. It is advisable to remove the cartridges one at a time.

Step 2

Draw about two millimeters of Magic Bullet liquid up in to the syringe. Carefully place the tube over the intake for the printer head, slowly press the syringe to inject a small amount (half a millimeter) of the Magic Bullet. It's very important that too much force isn't used.

Step 3

After injecting a small amount of Magic Bullet leave the syringe connected, this will allow the fluid to stay in contact with the blockage. For really badly blocked printer nozzles, every ten minutes push the syringe a little more causing more fluid to wash past the blockage. As before take care not to use too much force, it's also possible to push and then pull the syringe back, causing a see-saw action. The longer the fluid is in contact with the blockage the better the results.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Thank you for your follow up email. My purchase of Magic Bullet arrived on time and I managed to clear the blocked printer heads on my Epson R3000. This was definitely a cheaper option to buying a new printer.

I used Magic Bullet today on a very stubborn Epson SP895. I put some kitchen paper under the print head to absorb and retain any fluid that passed through. Otherwise followed the instructions and low and behold after just four nozzle cleans and print checks, a clear bill of health. Printed a photo and where the yellow ink previously refused to appear, everything is now Ok. It is just a pity that I hadn't heard of your product before I went out and bought a new printer".
Ross Wright

Video 1 - Unblock Printer Heads

This video demonstrates how to unblock a blocked printer head. A blocked printer head is when Ink dries on a print head, usually with a mixture of ink and paper dust. Do not run multiple cleans as this in fact makes it worse, as even more ink dries out and wastes ink!

Magic Bullet breaks ink particles down.
Directions as shown in video -
1 - Remove Cartridges and Power Cable
2 - Place a paper towel under head
3 - Use syringe to insert Magic Bullet into ink exit ports
4 - Replace Cartridges - Perform Nozzle Check

Video 2 - How to unblock an Epson R3000 printhead

John shows you how to clear a blocked nozzle on an Epson R3000 inkjet printer using MAGIC BULLET printhead cleaner. This technique can also be used with the Epson 3800 / 3880, and virtually every Large Format Epson inkjet printer -

Placing a pad soaked with MAGIC BULLET printhead cleaner under the print head overnight allows the vapour given off to soften the hard ink residues causing problems. In the morning, replace this pad with another thicker pad, also soaked in MAGIC BULLET, and move the print head to and fro for half a minute or so. Look for a small improvement to your nozzle check print-out, and repeat these soaking / scrubbing cycles until you achieve a perfect nozzle check. - Be patient - remember the cost of a replacement print head - far better to gradually improve your nozzle check, persevere with this process until you achieve a good print..

Video 3 - How to unblock an Epson Wide Format printhead

1 - Turn printer on, when carriage is halfway across the printer turn the printer off.

2 - Pierce foil on Magic Bullet and apply to both sides of kitchen towel.

3 - Lay kitchen towel under print head. Leave for a few hours, the vapour from Magic Bullet will soften the dried ink residue.

4 - Take out the kitchen towel and print some color prints. Repeat this process until perfect nozzle check.

Free Essential Printer Maintenance Video with all Magic Bullet Purchases

All Magic Bullet Print Head cleaners come with our Essential Printer Maintenance Video. The Essential Printer Maintenance video includes the following tutorials -

1 - Unblock Printers Head
2 - How to clean your Printers Head
3 - How to clean your Printers Pump Cap
4 - How to clean your Printers Wiper Blade
5 - How to clean your Printers Spit Pad
6 - How to clean your Printers Spigots
7 - Use Micro Drill to drill out Epson Spigots

These tutorials will provide you with the knowledge and skills to be able to restore your printer to "as new"!

  • As used by Printer Technicians
  • Video will teach you 7 professional cleaning techniques!
  • Also included - Purge Files for all printers and all colours!
  • 20% off RRP

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